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Tired of Public Servants ignoring the will of those they serve?

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Seeking to elect public officials who uphold their Oath of Office, support the U.S. & Washington State Constitutions, provide Leadership and listen to the Citizens they represent.

Headquartered in Eastern Washington, LSPAC.ORG is changing the traditional method of candidate declaration to one of identifying interested individuals and working with potential candidates to provide an outstanding candidate to advance to the primary and/or general election. We believe this method of recruiting candidates opens the door for discussion with some individuals that are intimidated by the election process and would not seek public office without our support and encouragement to move forward.

Recently, we were honored to meet Police Chief Loren Culp from the town of Republic, WA. Chief Culp was the first law enforcement officer to publicly say that he would refuse to enforce I1639. He feels it is unconstitutional on many fronts and enforcing it would violate his Oath of Office. This is an example of true leadership and courage. Chief Loren Culp is protecting the rights of the citizens that he serves. In the weeks that followed, additional County Sheriffs also stepped up and refused to enforce I1639. We have also seen several additional Law Enforcement Officers from other states state that they would also refuse to enforce gun laws that strip, or limit, the citizens of their right to bear arms.

It is our goal to recruit and support candidates that are true leaders, possess courage, and will protect the citizens from those who are actively engaged in the process of limiting our rights as citizens. Supported candidates would also need to show that they display common sense when it comes to fiscal responsibility.




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Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
— Winston Churchill


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